The New 12″ MacBook is Just a Toy

I didn’t carve out time to watch the product announcement video about Apple’s new 12″ MacBook. I completely missed it. But I saw the articles and videos about the new MacBook trending the day after. As an Apple user (and occasional Apple fan), I was intrigued by the impossibly slim 12″ MacBook released last week.

What’s not to like? Sleek, color coordinated with my iPhone, well built … wait, where’s the USB port? Or the SD card slot? Surely they at least have a Lightning port, right? Nope. There are only two ports on the beautiful little body: a headphone port and a USB-C port.

I’m charmed by the promise of USB-C, really I am. But to have a computer that can’t be connected to power and connected to storage or an external display at the same time without extra adapters or ports is just unconscionable for Apple to pass off as “Pro”.

But let’s look again. The new little hot rod 12″ glamour notebook we saw is not Apple’s idea of a “Pro” tool. In fact, Apple removed the “Pro” moniker for a couple of good and purely hypothetical reasons:

  1. They know the new MacBook is less of a pro tool and more of a toy.
  2. Apple hasn’t abandoned those of us who really are pro users of their top-shelf hardware. They just haven’t updated the 15″ MacBook Pro yet because they can’t get the Broadwell chips from Intel until later this year.

There you have it, folks. I would advise against buying the new MacBook if you are a pro user (if you earn your living in the creative arts and currently use a slightly older Mac Pro or MacBook Pro).

Let toys do their thing for the people who love them.

But the real pro users should opt for the updated MacBook Pro 13″ or wait for the revised 15″ MacBook, rumored for release sometime this fall.

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  1. Ted
    Ted says:

    I didnt’ watch the keynote, but read about it, and I don’t agree with your assessment. I do agree that the MacBook will be a failure though.

    The MacBook Air was derided as a toy, but it was a sexy toy. iJustine claimed to edit video on it (I think it was a verson 1), which wasn’t the best idea of it’s time, but it worked.

    I feel this is Tim Cook’s Mac Cube. The cube was sexy (I wanted one), looked amazing, but didn’t fit in the product line. As expensive as the G4 tower, with a slower processer and less expandability (I for that price I wanted at least a SECOND video port option). But damn, it looked hot.

    This MacBook is the same, but where’s the market? It has 1 inch less screen than the larger Air and the price is approaching the 13 inch Pro with more power and ports. And they have that cool glowing apple. 🙂

    USB-C is cool, but I still think we need MagSafe. If it survives it puts a plank in the Thunderbolt coffin.

    I like the look and ideas, but Aapple’s 2 laptop scheme was lined up perfect. The MacBook is a step sibling that doesn’t fit in. That’s why I feel it will fail.

    (But maybe my next MacBook Pro will be Slate Gray)

    • AJ Design
      AJ Design says:

      Thanks for your comment! I was extremely disappointed when I saw the new MacBook … until I realized it wasn’t a “MacBook Pro”. I am hoping the gently revised 15″ MacBook Pro will be a real improvement.


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