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Why Photographers Shoot Way More Than They Need

Click. Click. Click click click click…ENOUGH ALREADY! Surely my wife isn’t the only one who has wondered, “Why do you need so many shots?!” Granted, I’m usually shooting moss or a leaf or something like that. But what about portrait photography? Have you ever wondered why a photographer will shoot, shoot, shoot the same thing multiple […]

In Honor of Bad Fathers

It’s Father’s Day. All across the world, kids with dads at home are waking up early to prepare crayon-and-paste expressions of heartfelt adoration for their dad. They are in cahoots with moms and other siblings, working feverishly to get their project done so they can surprise their dad. In addition to homespun “greatest dad ever” […]

Price vs. Value

Low Price Leader? In my opinion, one of the worst habits I hear some new business owners express has to do with pricing. When a business owners aspires to lead with low prices, here’s what I hear: I don’t understand what I’m worth. I don’t value my time. I haven’t researched what my service or product […]

The Renaissance: Abbeville Chamber’s Business of the Year!

The Renaissance is an active lifestyle retirement community located in Due West, South Carolina. AJ Design worked with The Renaissance toward the end of 2016 and in early 2017 to provide a completely redesigned and expanded website. On May 11, 2017, The Renaissance was named “Business of the Year” at The Greater Abbeville Chamber of […]

Another Reason I’m In It to #ENDIT

You may have noticed the big red X in the footer of my website. I’m a supporter of the END IT Movement. It breaks my heart that there are tens of millions of people trapped in slavery, and I’m resolved to do what I can to help support their mission and bring awareness to the […]

2017 Adobe Creative Cloud Splash Screens

Adobe Released a Major Update to Most Creative Cloud Apps Adobe just released major updates for the flagship Creative Cloud apps including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and others. The apps receiving updates also received new splash screens. Super critical, right? No. But they are almost always good conversation fodder for designers! If you’re curious about the […]