Sweet Tea’s Children’s Boutique is an upscale children’s clothing retailer in Greenwood, SC. When we began working with Sweet Teas, we started by redrawing their image-based logo as vector art. But we didn’t stop there.

We worked with the owners to create a fresh brand expression and color palette.


They have a strong Facebook presence with more than 116,000 likes (!) as of March 2015. At one time, the owner was working with another developer to create a custom website. Unfortunately, the project stalled after the designer became unresponsive, so the owner improvised. She began using a tool called Soldsie to sell product directly on Facebook. It was (and still is) an ingenious platform that allows customers to place orders for products simply by commenting “sold” on an image displayed on a Facebook page. But with the frequent changes in how Facebook presents information to users, Sweet Teas needed a web presence that didn’t depend on Facebook.

We began evaluating options for an integrated online sales channel for Sweet Teas. Their inventory consisted of nearly 8,000 SKUs, so the data management and synchronization challenges were formidable. We eventually settled on Shopify, a solution that offers a unified web-based system for point-of-sale and website sales.